Monday, February 20, 2012

The Beginning

I have a personal confession to make.......

I have wasted over a year of my life being lazy and being ridiculously unhealthy. For me that is horrible. See I have 5 kids and most people would tell me that right there is my excuse for being heavier. That's NOT my excuse dang it!! That should be my reason for being healthy!!! Besides I have lost every single ounce of weight from having my babies and then some in the past, I just have successfully gained it ALL back in the last year.

So here I am restarting this journey in hopes that I can maintain it after I get all the work in. I decided to blog about it to try and keep my mind focused and also to maybe get the chance to help someone else out there in blogger land commit to the process for themselves as well.

So hang on because this is going to be a bumpy ride!! <3 Wish me luck!!!!!

- Love -


PS - as always I am open to learn about any great things my readers have come across that have to do with health and fitness.